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The Detroit Sportsmen's Congress is a non-democratically elected representative delegation of roots-music musicians founded in 2015 by current House Speaker, Matthew Sayles, and Majority Whip, Ralph Lowi.

Though qualifications for membership in this self-described "august body" are deliberately byzantine and obscure, it is rumored that casual fandom of Detroit athletic associations and support for alternative forms of country music are desired, but not required, for representative status. Prior status as a trapper or "puller" of clay-pigeons is also taken into consideration as a qualifying factor for non-elected representation.

Sayles & Lowi first conceived of the DSC shortly after their brief membership in "the Mutineers," and upon further deliberation in the remote sequestration of their neurological recesses , set forth, and assembled the first Congressional session of Detroit Sportsmen in November of 2015.
Membership of the DSC is deliberately flexible as representation can grow and decrease based on periodic census gathering and caucusing.

However, core foundational doctrine (drafted and signed into bylaws by Sayles and Lowi) maintains an undeniable emphasis on original songwriting.

From their Bylaws: "The Detroit Sportsmen's Congress was founded on the principle that existing genres of folk-rock, country, and Americana are meant to be crafted and sculpted into new forms of auditory ambulation--and that complacency carries consequences."
Their Mission: "To draw out the echoing twang, reverb, and darkness from the smoldering remnants of manifest destiny that still mournfully beat in the hearts of our unknowing constituency."
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